"Fanning the Flames of a Bible Revival"

Wisdom Thoughts

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 Proverbs 3:13 Happy [is] the man [that] findeth wisdom, and the man [that] getteth understanding.

These are wisdom seed thoughts to help you reach your God-given potential. God wants you to find, follow and fulfill His plan for your life.

Wisdom Thought #1

Favor:  The Power and Principle of FAVOR from my message "LIVING IN GOD’S FAVOR." One of the primary lessons from Mary is - Never underestimate the potential of one encounter with God. Her encounter was about to change the world! God's favor (not our ability) is the Divine current that propels us from our present season to our Divine opportunity.  My prayer for you is that God may HIGHLY FAVOR YOU! (View the entire message by clicking the following link)    Click here for complete sermon

Wisdom Thought #2

Mentors: They are Gifts from God, Guides to Growth and Gates to Greatness. Who's mentoring you or who are you mentoring?

Wisdom Thought #3

Change:  We can expect our lives to be altered, modified, transformed and different than they are today. Now for some that’s unnerving and for others it’s exciting. Some like their life just the way it is while others feel they’re in a rut and they look forward to change - the bottom line is - change is inevitable. What can you do today to make preparation for unwanted or wanted change? 1.Prepare today - spiritual stability 2.Counting your blessings 3. Prayerfully plan your God honoring future by: Delight in His will, seek His heart and delight in His best.

Wisdom Thought #4

Vision:  It has been the joy of my life to have consistently discovered God's fresh vision that He has allowed me to be a part of. The journey has truly been exciting and meaningful. The value of a vision is that it encourages you at any moment to give up all that you are in order to receive all that you can become. We’ve got to have a Vision if we are going to see a vision come true.

Wisdom Thought #5

Spiritual Maturity:  One of the most significant messages I ever received from the Lord was a message entitled, "The Mind of the Transformed Thinker" It has been my joy to have known and to know some spiritual giants that have significant insight into God's Word that has come by the transformation of their minds.  We must learn to let the mind of the master be the master of our minds. For the complete message go to: Click here for complete sermon

Wisdom Thought #6

The Anointing:  The Force of the Invisible: Often I am sitting at the beginning of a very short dead-end road that leads nowhere (one that is useless for an automobile) and suddenly as I take off down this short dead-end road an unseen force will lift me and thousands of additional pounds of weight off that road into the sky and fly me right over that ending of that road.  That force is called the wind and that is what the precious Holy Spirit is likened unto. He maybe invisible but He’s a force that can do the impossible. God grant us a double portion! 

Wisdom Thought #7

Personal Development: Someone has rightly stated, "When you are through growing you are through."  As I reflect over the past 52 years of my life and in particular the past 27 that I have been saved, there are many things that have led to my personal growth:  First, Study in themes. I studied leadership for five years. In other words, nearly everything I read and listened to was related to leadership during that time. John Maxwell was my primary study mentor during that time frame. Second, take a book of the Bible like Ephesians and read it everyday for 90 days. Then move to a larger book of the Bible (like The Book of John) and break in down into 5 chapter segments. For example, read the first 5 chapters 90 days then move to the next five chapters etc. until you finish the book.

Wisdom Thought #8

Leadership:  A leader that is not being led by God can’t be trusted!  Jesus owns the church and thus He is the leader of the church. The church will only fulfill its mission when its leadership is following its leadership. David was a great leader because he was a great follower. 

Wisdom Thought #9

Integrity:  There are three key elements to Joseph's integrity and each of these are factors that lead to a lifetime of successful integrity: GOD CONSCIOUSNESS Gen 37:1-11 (The Motivating Factor), SPIRITUAL AUTHENTICITY 41:38 (Enabling Factor), PERSONAL AMBITION 39:8 (Accomplishing Factor).  A passage from the classic devotional, "The Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a' Kempis (AD 1400), reflects modern struggles:  "Lord, I confess my sinfulness, and acknowledge my weakness. Often it is but a small matter that defeats and troubles me. I resolve to act boldly, but when I am assailed even by a small temptation, I am in sore straits. From a trifling thing sometimes arises a strong temptation; and when I am secure, I am almost overwhelmed by a mere breath. I am weary of living constantly at conflict. My weakness is apparent to me, for evil fancies rush in on me more readily than they depart."

Wisdom Thought #10

Finances (Stewardship): The Thrust of Luke 16:1-13  Many of this world have the worldly wisdom to know how to get their temporal wealth while at the same time, many, if not most of God’s children, who have spiritual light, are not wise enough to have spiritual wealth. Why? Because they don’t manage the secondary wealth correctly so God can’t entrust them with true wealth. The thrust of Jesus’ message in this passage is - Get your Stewardship in order because if you’re not trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, how can I entrust in you true riches (spiritual wealth).  If you don't master your money, it will master you and Jesus said you can't serve two masters" Dennis Deese What can you do today?  1. Start tithing & giving offerings  2. By stopping unneeded and wasteful spending  3. By paying off your current debt (paying off bills by applying every extra income you can to your current debt) Pay off your smallest debt first by applying any additional money you receive on that bill. Once you have paid your smallest bill off, then take the amount you were paying on that bill and apply it with the payment on your next lowest debt - you will be putting the two former payments together and now any additional money you receive apply it with the two payments to your current lowest payment. (This method it slow at first - but it has a snowball effect - the opposite of debt and interest)  An Example: You are paying Visa $150 per month and MasterCard $150 per month and Discover $200 per month. Once you have paid off Visa you would then be paying MasterCard $300.00 per month (the first two payment combined). Once Master card was paid off you would then be paying Discover $500.00 per month (all three payments combined).  4. Getting rid of your credit cards (except for one)  5. Paying off the one credit card you have each month

Wisdom Thought #11

Soul Winning:  Soul winning is truly an adventure. If you’ve never been involved in the soul winning ministry of your church then you’ve missed out on the best of church life. There is no substitute for winning someone to Christ. One of the most profound and provocative questions I have ever heard or have been asked is this, “If everybody witnessed like you, would you be saved?”

Wisdom Thought #12

Influence:  How has Jesus influenced you? Is He currently influencing you?  The rich young ruler in Matthew 19:16-30 recognized the powerful influence of Jesus which afforded him eternal opportunity; however, he unfortunately rejected the Lord's offer! Why? He had some deficiencies Namely: Lack of faith, Lack of knowledge & lack of will. The disciples accepted and acquiesced to His influence by: 1. acknowledgment of His superiority, 2. admission of need and 3. by an act of trust. Who's your greatest influencer? I hope it's JESUS!


Wisdom Thought #13

Our Legacy: A lofty goal and quality of life can be extracted from the life and legacy of Moses.  1). He had a heart of humility (Numbers 12:3)  2). He had a spirit of compassion (Ex 2:11-14). 3). He Had a sanctified life (Revelation 15:3). 4). He made the choice of obedience (Exodus 4:18-20). 5). He had a major depth of spirituality - The burning bush experience, The Smoking mountain experience, The Glory Revelation experience, and the Forty day fast experience!

Wisdom Thought #14

Passion:  In II Timothy 1:6, Timothy’s embers were burning low. He was on the brink of losing his fire. Paul knew there would be many who would challenge the on-fire passion of young Timothy. I have had many cold water committees through the years try to put my passion fire out. I wonder if you have lost your passion? Are you still on fire?  Come on - get back to the days of your early salvation. What happened? Trust me when I say I know what it is to want to give up and what it means to lose all heart. Paul told Timothy, "Son, FAN THE FLAME."  Take 30 seconds and watch this click here.