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Dear Friends and Partners,

Recently I was reading Psalms 142:4 which states, "I looked on [my] right hand, and beheld, but [there was] no man that would know me: refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul."

I immediately thought of the many who have no one to care for them in their difficult and sometimes desperate situations. I want you to know we do care and one thing we can do for  you is pray for you. Below is a link to a Prayer request form.  If you have a pressing need, please click the link, print the form, check your prayer need and mail the form back to us at the address below.

Upon receiving your prayer request form, with your specific prayer need, we will take it before the Lord.  After a season of prayer, we will then shred your private prayer request form. We care for you and just as we value people praying for us, we understand the value we have when we pray for you.

Click Here for Prayer Need Request Form

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